How to Raise Your Search Engine Ranking


Getting high rankings on the search engines has been a challenge since the beginning of the internet. search engine Marketing used to be the most popular way for many years to achieve a higher rating. The competition was and is extreme, so it is very difficult to move up the ladder and make that first page. And we all know, ranking on page 20 will not create the business we would like to generate.

What is the big secret to be on of the top 20 listings in search engines? How can you achieve to be up there with all this competition?

Online entrepreneurs have been researching hard and far to outdo the fierce and almost insane competition they are facing online to fight for the top ten rankings to attract traffic which will ultimate results in sale. It is a fact that the top 10 rankings will attract the most hits and rake in the most profits online.

Writing articles is a great way to promote your website and get exposure to millions of your target customers worldwide. There is no greater marketplace and information resource than the internet. Helping your target audience receive valuable advice and information, both related or even unrelated to what you sell, will help you gain exposure
to what you offer online. Even better if what you write about relates to what you sell, or has a relationship to the products you offer. Most of the top online entrepreneurs use this method to drive literally thousands of customers to their websites and describe this method as the most powerful way to advertise.

As we all know the more traffic you generate, the more sales you will achieve. Writing articles is a great way to expose your website to a large audience and present your offers to millions of your readers.

This is a win-win situation for both you and your business, and your potential customers. They are gaining knowledge on a subject that interest them, and you will get the exposure you look to achieve. You are also providing a service to many people looking for information or guidance or just giving answers to some of their questions.

Good written articles play a significant role in search engine rankings. As they serve as a valuable source for many people online, search engines are given high credits towards the overall ranking of the website they are linking to. Write something that is of great interest and that many people can benefit from, and you will see a quick increase on your hits and your sale.

Sure, all this sounds great, but who has really the time to write and submit articles to hundreds or thousands of article directories every day. I have listed a few publishers below that will post your articles, and some will even distribute them for a small fee:

The more you publish, the more it will also build your credibility. Like everything else, the more you put into it, them more you get out of it. I would recommend at least several articles a day. Building a good customer base has never been that easy. So, write your articles and keep on writing them.