Increase Website Traffic by Increasing Search Engine Ranking


It’s good that you have decided to launch your website, but there are many important things that are to be considered before taking the plunge. Things like website design layout, putting content that is search engine friendly, choosing perfect URL for your website, etc are important issues to be taken care of.

Even if all other features are perfect in your website, if its not optimized keeping in consideration search engine spiders then achieving targeted web traffic becomes next to impossible. Hire a professional SEO service provider who can accomplish the task with expertise and perfection.

Foremost step is to start website designing using HTML and cascading style sheets which maintains the coding to a minimum level. It gives uniform look to your entire website and keep it simple yet with effective navigation facility.

Make it sure that the web pages consists of title, keywords and description as a part of meta tags. The keywords/phrases that are to be optimized has to be present in web pages and meta tags. Also keyword phrase has to be there in template, at the top and bottom of the website page.

You can start the title tag of the web page with keyword phrase, end every web page with a copyright notice containing the keyword phrase. The keyword phrase should be present in footer too.

Right from the beginning to the end of the web page, prepare a proper SEO strategy and follow it for successful site optimization. H1 and H2 sub header should contain the appropriate keyword phrase. The keyword density can be kept to 4-6%. Keep the keywords in italic, underlined and bold. The word count should be from 300-600 words. You can improve the website ranking by using SEO design techniques that very well exposes your keywords to the search engine spiders.

Getting the ranking in top 10 search engine results is of vital importance and this cannot be ignored at any cost if you are serious for getting the profits. It cannot be avoided at any cost.

Most of the web traffic is directed through major search engines like MSN, Google and Yahoo. Primary and sole purpose of optimizing your website is to rank higher and attract the targeted web traffic to your website. More your web page occurs in the search engines results, higher would be the net traffic. search engine ranking is thus of utmost importance for every website to earn the desired profits.